Product catalog

Production capacities

Production capacities of “SZR Pavlinji” range from 1.000 to 1.500 of brooms per day or 30.000 to 40.000 brooms monthly. The production capacity varies because we make different kinds of brooms by sort, height and weight. 

Special broom models

 We are capable of making custom made brooms by the specifications of the buyer. We can produce classic and stylish brooms. It is best to contact us for further details about this service.

Sorghum Car broom 3x

Sorghum Car broom 3x sewed

Sorghum pressed broom 4x

Sorghum pressed broom 4x sewed

Sorghum Balkan broom 3x

Sorghum Balkan broom 3x sewed

Sorghum Carpet broom 4x

Sorghum Carpet broom 4x sewed

Sorghum Kids broom 3x

Sorghum Kids broom 3x sewed

Sorghum Janina broom 5x

Sorghum Janina broom 5x sewed

Sorghum Industrial broom 5x

Sorghum Industrial broom 5x sewed

Sorghum Standard broom 8x

Sorghum Standard broom 8x sewed

Sorghum Standard broom 5x

Sorghum Standard broom 5x sewed

Sorghum Standard broom 4x

Sorghum Standard broom 4x sewed

Sorghum Standard broom 3x

Sorghum Standard broom 3x sewed

BSCI certificate

Our company is BSCI certified which is an indicator of responsible conduct to the people and to the environment. The statutes of the BSCI are based on the standards of the International Work Organization (ILO), the decree of the United Nations (UN) on human rights and on the national laws and regulations which demand their consistent implementation.